JOY Through Keeping a Gratitude Journal

7 Gratitude Journal Rules

  1. There are no “rules”, as this is your personal journal. The following “rules” are simply guidelines to help you. Modify them however you like to make the most of your journal. Any effort you expend toward expressing your gratitude to the Lord will be richly rewarded!
  2. Pray and dedicate this journal as your continuous gratitude gift to the Lord for 2022. Just a few of many examples where we’re told to be thankful and where Jesus models thankfulness: Luke 18:11, John 11:41, Psalm 116:17.
  3. Date your entry, then list at least five (5) things you’re grateful for in a small portable notebook that could fit in a bag or even your pocket. If you’re feeling ambitious, you could try listing 10 things, but it’s MUCH more challenging! However, if that sounds overwhelming, I suggest promising 5 and doing more any day you can.
  4. Try not to list the same thing more than once. This makes it tough, but much more meaningful. For example, listing family or a possession should only be a one-time thing. Of course, this doesn’t refer to situations involving these people and things, just to being grateful to have them in your life.
  5. Set aside a specific time in the morning or evening to journal (although I recommend before bed because it’s hard to remember something after you sleep). Journaling must take top priority in whichever time you’ve set aside because it’s your gift to the Lord. If for any reason you’re unable to write in the journal, ask for forgiveness and start again where you are. Forgiveness is necessary because of your promise to the Lord, not because of anything to do with the journaling itself.
  6. Mark the pages, add doodles or drawings, or even paste a picture you found in a magazine! Often, it makes your entries more real and help you visualize what you’re grateful for.
  7. Remember to thank someone or acknowledge them for what they’ve done in your life as you continue your journey with your journal. Journaling can help you realize all the important people in your life, so reach out to them! Something as simple as a phone call, sending a card, visiting, or even making them a favorite dish can go a long way!