Christian Meditation

Surprise! I have made an adult coloring page from the most “liked” verse of those I post every day, Daniel 9:18. I love to doodle, and this is the result. While it is freehand and it shows, I learned a lot, and the next one will be better. 

Coloring is a calming, focusing activity and there is no better way to meditate on scripture as the Bible tells us to than to focus on one verse for a period of time. Christian meditation differs from eastern meditation. In eastern meditation, the practitioner empties his mind. In Christian meditation, the disciple concentrates on the verse and thinks about it. This opens the mind to the Holy Spirit and anything He might want to reveal about that scripture. Coloring is a discipline that can facilitate the process when it’s done with a particular Bible verse. 

To print your own copy of this page, go to my website, and sign up for my email list. You will receive a printable copy by return email. If you are already on the mailing list, your copy goes out before they are posted on social media and should already be in your inbox. Just click on the coloring page, choose “copy”, put it in your word processor program, and print. If you want more coloring pictures or have any suggestions for improving them, just let me know! Every “like or love” and “Comment” and “share” means more people will see God’s Word and increases the possibility it will reach the person who needs it most. Additionally, every “like” or “comment” will help a verse that’s meaningful to you be the next coloring page. 

I hope you enjoy coloring the page. Don’t forget to let me know if you want more.

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