A Poem I Wrote

The Creator’s Blood

Spilled for me.

Earth quaked.

Light extinguished.

Veil torn.

Creation screamed:

Convulsed with grief.

Father, I accept Your gift.

Anoint my weakenss

With Your blood.

5 thoughts on “A Poem I Wrote

  1. Hi Kay,
    Am struck by your poem and how you turn the Crucifixion back to us with the question: will we accept the gift? I think you reach into the heart of our faith. What does our consent to God look like? How deep are we committed to it? I wrestle with this question often.

    Thanks for your poem and for sharing your love for Jesus.


    1. I appreciate your comments so much! We must be kindred spirits as I wrestle with the question often, too. I feel so blessed that the Lord has given me this way to share with others and get to know some special sisters who are walking the path with me. I also appreciate the comment because it’s easy with this medium to wonder if anyone is out there. Sometimes doing what the Lord wants in the dark is hard and emails like yours are a ray of sunshine in my day. Thanks!


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