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For most of my life, I shunned New Year’s resolutions. Then I learned to do acrostics. I look at them as goals for the year, not resolutions, because I’m too much like Paul in this respect and don’t do what I resolve to do and do what I don’t resolve to do. However, a “goal” doesn’t seem to carry the same onus for me.

I hope this will help some of you find the direction the Lord has for you to go this year.  The acrostic at the top is for 2019, so I”ll tell you how it went. I made progress on nearly all the goals. I try to make the center goal the theme for the year and what I base the others on. I think I have poured out more in several areas. This blog was one of them. The “thoughts for the day” that I post on Facebook were another. 

I made noticeable progress with gratitude, but the creativity and fear could have used more attention! However, pouring out got in the way of my study time and some other daily necessities like taking care of my health. I’m not real sure about the virtues in 2 Peter. They’d be hard for me to tell about myself, but I think I see some progress. On the whole, though, I think that the extra focus stating my goals gave me was very worthwhile. It helps me see wins and errors and evaluate 2019, so I have repeated the process this year.

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These are my goals for 2020. Some are gone, some have been added, and some have been adjusted. The major change is the primary focus. I’m not sure how that will work out, but more balance is necessary to prevent burnout, It will probably take adjustment in some of the secondary goals. That’s OK. They are there as guidelines. 

I hope you’ll do your own acrostic in a quiet time with the Lord. Listen to Him. He’ll point you in the direction He means for you to go in a way that’s much easier to follow than having no direction at all.


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